More about my life


Age - Closer to retirement than school!  Update!! I am taking early retirement in June 2012! I plan to be a full-time gardener/beekeeper/bee-hive builder /dog-walker
Employment - I am the Safety Elf, or I am a Health and Safety advisor
Other hobbies -
  • Growing fruit and vegetables in my garden
  • Enjoy the natural feel of a camping holiday
  • Planning my next trekking trip to the Hamalaya
  • Love my motorbike! Currently a Yamaha FJR 1300. Had it for a little over a year and it still puts a grin on my face!

Status - contentedly cohabiting.
  • Son, with wife, two daughters and son
  • Daughter who lives with her boyfriend
All food grown in my garden is grown to organic principals. I believe that nature is a balance and that balance is usually found with minimal interference from us. A great resource for organic gardening, both for food and visual impact, is Garden Organic. Lots of advice and a shop to buy organic seeds! They also have a Heritage Seed Library, who's aim is to perpetuate and save rare and non-commercial seed on the grounds that bio-diversity will never be regained once lost.

I've always been interested in environmental issues and have been a supporter of Friends of the Earth for more years than I care to count!
I decided a little over a year ago that keeping bees would be "a good thing to do". I love honey! When I started looking into the "how" of beekeeping, I was shocked to find the reliance on chemicals for treating every problem the bees might have. I thought "there must be a more sustainable way of helping bees to survive". After searching high and low (on Google) I stumbled across The Barefoot Beekeeper and felt that I had discovered what I was looking for.

I started learning about top-bar hives with the book The Barefoot Beekeeper, and  continued to learn from and add to the associated forum, the Natural Beekeeping Network .

Like all communities, the Natural Beekeeping Network forum has people of varying views, which leads to some interesting debates. Some are completely against all forms of intervention (only breed from survivors), but most think that using naturally occurring products is not a bad thing, especially if done to ensure the survival of a colony. I'm yet to discover which category I really fall into. I'd like to think the former, but being only human I think probably the latter!

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