Sunday, 18 March 2012

First Spring Checks

Good news:
All three hives have made it through the winter. The hive that was started from a nuc in June is not in great shape, but if the weather is kind they should be OK.

Today has been a mild and sunny day, about 12C. All I have done is check that bees are flying and cleaned and oiled the bottom boards so I can do a Varroa check next week.

This is the weaker hive in action. Note the fly sneaking in..... It was chased out moments after I finished filming!

Bad news:
The nuc that went to friends nearby has died. It seems that they ran out of stores in the last week. All that was left in the hive was bees with heads deep in the combs. No sign of disease, so that at least is a positive. Of course, they now have plenty of comb to use for bait hives so all is not lost.

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