Monday, 23 January 2012

Talking to the local Beekeepers Association

Before the talk I felt like I was going into the lion's den! I had no need to worry, though. The talk went well and although there were quite a few challenging questions there was a great deal of interest shown by the group.

I used the presentation that I have used before as a base to talk around and took along an empty hive to demonstrate. Although many of the questions were quite probing, all were presented in a friendly way. The hive attracted a great deal of interest and questions. Possibilities for manipulations were discussed extensively and some found it hard to believe that bees would work along a horizontal hive, as they have been told so many times that bees only go upwards to find honey!

The biggest compliment of the afternoon was to be invited to return next year to talk again and give an up-date on progress throughout the year!

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