Thursday, 24 November 2011

Natural Beekeeping - A Beginner's Guide

Well, after much prevarication and preparation, I took the plunge and invited a group of beekeepers and prospective beekeepers to join me for a discussion about Natural Beekeeping and using a Kenyan Top-Bar Hive.

The evening comprised a 30 minute presentation on Natural Beekeeping, that took much longer with the varied and challenging questions that needed to be answered, followed by a discussion of the making and management of a horizontal top-bar hive. I titled the presentation "Natural Beekeeping - A Beginner's Guide" as I am certainly still a beginner!

Including a short break for tea & snacks, the whole thing lasted almost 3 hours! Longer than I had planned, but no-one was getting impatient (visibly!) and the questions kept coming.

All appeared to have enjoyed the evening (including myself) and many asked to be included in future evenings. I can see this format being repeated for other beekeeping topics as interest and experience grows.

Next talk will be in the New Year to the Sedburgh & District Beekeepers Association. I'm expecting some more challenging questions there!

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