Sunday, 17 April 2011

Early Season Inspection (the first!)

A pleasant day, at last, that was good enough to open the hive. I'm pleased to say that it was all good news!

Plenty of stores left, brood at all stages, capped drone brood even spotted the queen (briefly). They seem to be expanding rapidly. All remained very calm throughout (although I was quite excited). One piece of crossed comb fell into the bottom of the hive (about 4 square inches). Upon removal, it contained honey that was almost ready for capping. Just enough for one slice of toast! Delicious! I'm looking forward to a little more soon!

Workers continued to fly from the entrance and most went below the bars as they were closed up. For the reluctant ones, I closed the bars up to a bee space, then used a piece of card to gently push them down, close the bars onto the card, remove the card then finally close the bars completely. All very easy and they didn't seem to mind.

A look in the debris on the bottom board showed a drop of 3 varroa mites over 5 days! No action needed!

Next objective will be to get them out of the conversion hive!

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