Saturday, 26 February 2011

First Pollen!

Yesterday was the first day this year that I have been at home when the temperature has reached 10 C. There was a pause in the rain too!

The bees were out and about. I assumed they were on cleansing flights, but some were bringing back some pollen!

A check of the locality and of my pollen chart showed that it was from Yellow Crocus (light orange colour). There are a few around in gardens, neighbours and ours.

I was surprised that they seem to have been flying around and over Snow-drops (pink pollen, loads of flowers) to get to the crocuses! I'm sure they know what they like, though.

Looks like a nice day coming today. Must get my camera out later!


  1. Weather has been lovely last few days in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Have seen a few Bumble Bees out and about

  2. Seeing bees again.Honestly,i'm a bit afraid with bees when my grandma experience a bite from one bee.It swell for more than a week.