Saturday, 29 January 2011

New Roof

I lifted the lid on the hive recently to check how it was standing up to the weather. There was a small amount of damp on the pillow case full of wood shavings I put on the top-bars for insulation. I'm pleased to say that it hasn't got through to the top-bars so the bees are fine and still humming away contentedly. I had been wondering about "upgrading" the roof from a paint finish, so now would be a good time!.

A search through Google turned up aluminium sheet
s that have been recycled form the printing industry at Fragile Planet. I have bought from them before and like their ethical stance with using recycled packaging when they send out purchases. These aluminium sheets are approximately 660 x 570 mm and have some print, possibly on both sides, according to the site, but I ordered 10 and they are all clean on one side.

The printing on one side of the sheets

The converter hive that the bees are currently in has a very wide roof and these sheets are not quite wide enough to completely cover the roof, but the gap is only about 1cm on each side and that is over the overhang of the roof! Two and a half sheets saw the bees protected by a new shiny roof!

The new shiny roof!

With the other sheets I've also covered the roofs of the two hives and two bait hives that I have built and are current stored in the garage. For each of these the sheets were large enough to fold over the edges of the roof to give really good protection to the wood.

A very productive Saturday afternoon!

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