Thursday, 23 December 2010

Winter - Trying my patience!!

The bees seem to cope with the cold better than I do! We've had about a month of below zero (C) temperatures now, which is unusual for England! Snow has caused disruption to rail and road travel, but I've still been able to get to work (an hour by road)    :-(

There have been quite a few drones expelled from the hive since the snow started. It's a shame to see the bodies lying in the snow!

My first thoughts were that it was very late in the season for the drones to have been allowed to stay, but a post on the Natural Beekeeping forum soon elicited a response. It seems that as the colony was fed quite late into autumn, they tolerate the drones for much longer. I guess they see that food supplies are still coming in so the season isn't ready to change!

My neighbour has commented that a few still come out for a short flight around mid-day if the sun is on the hive, even when the temperature is around zero (C)! Hardy little girls!!

After work, although it's dark, I always walk over to the hive  and with my ear close to the entrance I can still hear that wonderful contented hum, so I feel that all is well with them.