Sunday, 23 May 2010

At last the hive and bait hive are positioned and waiting for bees. Both are baited with lemon-grass oil and a pheromone phial.

I fear I am now a hive building addict; I've decided to build another hive in case I am lucky enough to get a swarm in the bait hive AND in the main hive. I always was an optimist! 

There was a little bit of interest shown in the bait hive yesterday, so who knows! 

Main Hive

Secret weapon to prevent ant access

Bait Hive location

I am also now on the list of two local swarm catchers. Keeping my options open!

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  1. Hi, We have just started Top Bar beekeeping this year. Phil Chandler ran a course at our place for a local environmental charity. See our blog
    We are just about to fit an obs window and found your pics very helpful. We have one colony and another nuc coming on Friday. Good luck with your bait hive. There seem to be a lot of swarms around this year. Sue