Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bait Hive

The next step is to double my chances of catching a swarm, with a bait hive. It's built to the same design and dimensions as the main hive (Phil Chandler's design), but half the length, that's 18 inch sides instead of the 36 inch of the main hive. The roof is a single slope on this one, too.

The Bait Hive

 This will have no legs, but will be placed a couple of metres above ground which is where the bees apparently (hopefully!) prefer their nest.

Just need to weather proof them both and I'm ready for bees!

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  1. Hi there... Just found your blog while replying to a comment on my blog from Bees in the Antipodes. Its so lovely to see so many new beekeepers in the UK. I know Bentham quite well as I have a very very good friend who lives there and will hopefully be there in June. Hope your weather is improving now and the very best of luck with your bees!