Thursday, 4 February 2010

Looking like a hive!

Tonight I've added the mesh varroa screen, cut a bottom board to size, put the legs on and cut the top bars to size.

It's looking like a proper hive now!

Must trim those bolts before someone walks into them!

Two decisions still remain to be made:
  • top bar shaping - I will have a wax-filled groove, but am also considering tapering the bars to the groove to (hopefully) encourage staight comb from the bees
  • roof design - ridged or sloping and what material, my usual construction methods result in robust but heavy!!
Time to think while doing other jobs over the week-end!

1 comment:

  1. Hi, it is so good to find another TB hive beekeeper ! I am a woman urban beekeeper from NZ, have 2 hives at home, one a Langstroth, the other a TB with another TB being built at the moment. I am also putting 2 TB hives on an organic farm close to the city.
    Pop into my blog for my story and pics. I had mine built from Phil Chandler`s plans and his book is my bible !