Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Plan

So I fancy my chance at beekeeping.

I started with "an Introduction to Beekeeping" courtesy of the Lancaster Beekeepers Association in November 2009.
Being impatient, I've been doing a lot of research on the interweb, and found biobees, the home of natural beekeeping! With all of the question marks around bee diseases and insecticide use, and being an organic vegetable gardener, I feel these principles are more sustainable and therefore the ones I'll try to follow.

I now have a pile of wood in my garage that will shortly be transformed into a "Kenyan Top Bar Hive" (KTBH) roughly following the Phil Chandler plans (Biobees) but with a few tweaks and extras.
The main addition will be a viewing window with aim of entertaining the grandchildren. 

This is how it should look when completed, except I will have side entrances (not holes in the end as seen here, but in the middle of the long side opposite the viewing window, which must have a cover to keep the hive dark!):

My bench saw arrives tomorrow, then battle will commence!

Coming soon - KTBH Construction

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